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Scrap car prices: Getting the best value for you unwanted vehicle

Scrapping your car is not an every day occurrence there is thing not everyone will know especially the price you can get.

Unfortunately, since valuing a scrap car depends on a lot of factors, a quick online search for 'scrap car prices' is going to leave you with more questions. The good news is, at Remove any car we know what each of those factors is so, we can explain exactly how much your car is worth.

The information we will be covering

  • What influences the value of scrap cars?

  • Why catalytic converters are worth so much?

  • Some typical scrap car prices for popular UK models

What influences scrap car prices?

The size and weight of the car

Generally speaking, Scrap car buyers will calculate the value ‘per ton’ - based on the weight of your Vehicle. This isn’t an exact but since scrap car dealers have scrapped alot of cars, they’ll have a good idea of the valuable material they can recover from each car based on how much it weighs. For instance, there is alot more metals in a Landrover discovery than a Peugeot 106 . There are some exceptions to this. For example, if you’re planning to scrap a newer model car prices are not based on the weight the are based on how much the car is worth in parts but don’t worry in a case like this we would always offer you more than just scrap value if you’ve got a high-value car.

Distance from the scrap car dealer

Most scrap car buyers will offer to collect your scrap car free of charge - but may reflect this in the price you’re offered, some car dismantlers will be willing to travel a little further, but for most cars, you’ll get a better price if you get a valuation from a local company.

The make and model and age of your car

A scrap car valuation will reflect the make, model, and age of the vehicle.

Often, higher-price cars simply have more valuable parts that can be recovered from them, so they’re more valuable when they’re dismantled. You’ll find that a newer car is in better condition so, there’s a better chance that a dismantler will be able offer a higher price.

Scrap metal value

Metals are considered to be ‘commodities’ – the name given to materials that are bought and sold around the world. Commodities’ prices go up and down depending on demand as well as future supply and demand. The market value of metals may have some impact on the price you’re offered for your scrap vehicle. The market value of metal probably isn’t going to be something many people consider when you've got a car to scrap – but it may change the price you’re offered.

how much will I get when I scrap my car?

There’s no simple way for someone to work out their own scrap car price. However, we’re willing to do that for you. When you get an instant quote from us, we’ll give you the price for your scrap car.

Why are catalytic converters worth so much?

Since 1992, car emissions laws have stated that any vehicle made in the UK must have a catalytic converter. A ‘cat’ is a part of the exhaust system. Catalytic convertors are made up of precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. As we’ve already discussed, metal prices change frequently, but rhodium and palladium are pushing all time highs.

Because of this, you’ll find that a catalytic converter is one of the most desirable parts of your scrap car. It might be tempting to take it off and sell it separately – but you’ll find you’ll get significantly less for your vehicle if you do.

Some scrap car price examples

We’ve listed some recent prices for various makes and models here – so you can get an idea of what some of the UK’s most popular cars are worth if you plan to scrap your car but bare in mind prices change daily so this is just an example of prices today.

  • Ford Focus - £185

  • Fiat Punto - £165

  • Vauxhall Corsa - £200

  • Volkswagen Passat - £200

  • Ford Fiesta - £125

  • Nissan Almera - £160

  • Peugeot 206 - £150

  • Audi A4 - £200

  • Volkswagen Golf - £165

  • Land Rover Freelander - £200

  • Vauxhall Astra - £225

  • Skoda Fabia - £150

  • Renault Clio - £150

  • Toyota Corolla - £200

  • Volkswagen Polo - £140

  • Toyota Avensis - £200

  • Nissan Micra - £135

  • Honda Cr-V - £200

  • Toyota Yaris - £135

  • Audi A3 - £200

  • Citroen Xsara - £140

  • Nissan X-Trail - £200

  • Honda Civic - £180

  • Audi TT - £180

  • Rover 75 - £200

  • Ford Galaxy - £200

Now you know what influences scrap car prices, why not get a quote and see what your vehicle is worth?


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