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How can I scrap my car for the most money?

If you’ve come to realise that it’s no longer safe or economically viable to keep your old motor on the road, and scrapping it is the best or indeed only way forward, you’ll want to act on your decision as quickly as possible. Yet the best way of going about that, to ensure the optimal price for your vehicle, is not always immediately obvious.

Here, we offer some tips to help:

· Throw in some optional extras

Built-in sat nav, leather seats, alloy wheels and similar are all examples of things buyers could be prepared to part with extra cash for. So mention them when you are researching quotes.

· Honesty is always the best policy

It’s important that when you describe your vehicle, you do so with honesty and accuracy. If you don’t, this could affect price dramatically. After all, not many purchasers will want to buy a car that’s not offered exactly as it was described.

· Don’t take away any parts

Make sure that your vehicle isn’t without any of its parts, or that at least the purchaser or comparison site knows about any missing parts when your car is priced. Missing parts could restrict what your buyer can do with the vehicle (particularly if it’s classified as salvage), as well as affecting price. The exception could be if you have industry experience and know your car has a part which can fetch more money separately.

You should also have the keys available and the tyres pumped up to ensure a swift, straightforward and profitable process.

· Understand the legal situation

Be aware, for example, that since 2013, under the Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act, it has been illegal to pay for scrap vehicles with cash. Use a bank transfer or business cheque instead. That’s because cash isn’t traceable. So stay on the right side of the law and get yourself a fair, and profitable price for your old motor.

Equally, don’t forget to tell the DVLA you’ve scrapped your vehicle. Failure to do this could land you with a £1,000 fine that will more than wipe out anything you may have made.

· Compare prices

No two purchasers will be the same, and everyone will have a different reason for buying a scrap car – some may want wheels for salvage, others for recycling. So compare offers before you agree to anything. The easiest option is typically to use a comparison website which will give you the best quote based on offers from local scrapyards.

What we do

At Remove Any Car, we guarantee motorists an excellent price for their car via our network of scrap partners across the north-west. We offer same-day free collection, a friendly service and the best prices, which we promise will beat any genuine quote. Covering huge areas of our region, we can take your car for scrap whatever it’s condition and reason for scrapping, from it having engine problems to it not running at all.

Get in touch today for an easy, fast quote and to learn more.


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