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Signs that your car may need scrapping soon

Millions of cars in the UK reach the end of their lives every year. Even if you take the best possible care of your motor, the chances are that, sooner or later, assuming you don’t trade it in earlier on in its life, your wheels will need to be scrapped as the miles clock up over time.

Clearly, disposing of your vehicle properly once it’s no longer viable to keep running it is important, particularly for environmental reasons – and that’s where the scrapping option comes into its own.

But it’s not always easy to know exactly when your car should be scrapped, not least because some cars may still seem to have lots of life and mileage left in them, even if they are worn down or quite old. Equally, if you feel a strong tie with a car you’ve had a long time, and of which you have many fond memories, it can make the decision seem harder.

Here, we offer some pointers as to when it could be a good time to contact a scrapyard:

1.) You don’t feel confident when it comes to driving long distances

If your gut is telling you that driving a long way in the car in question doesn’t feel right and you fear you could break down, listen to your instinct. Your motor may well not be the most reliable.

After all, longer trips can take it out of older cars, with wear and tear and rusting or engines which can no longer hack being turned on for any length of time, not to mention potentially dodgy brakes and clutches.

2.) Is creeping rust starting to take over?

Rust doesn’t just look unsightly – it can cause significant problems to your car. Smaller areas of corrosion need prompt action to stop them from spreading. And rust causes metal to become brittle and weak. It can affect anything from the fuel lines and brakes to the chassis. A rust-covered model is clearly unsafe, and needs scrapping. Equally, it can permanently weaken metalwork.

The rot can set in in other ways as well. As vehicles age, condensation and ice can form inside, leading to mould in window seals or rust patches on exposed metal – most cars are not 100% weatherproof and the issue can worsen over time. Additionally, mould spores can hide in vents before ending up all over your upholstery.

3.) Failure of major systems

If your transmission or engine are clearly struggling, or your car is failing its MOT, or bills from the garage are creeping ever upwards, it could be time to think seriously about scrappage.

And if you’re replacing major components, it can be time-consuming and expensive. So it’s time to replace your vehicle.

4.) Repairs cost more than the vehicle is worth

This is a pretty obvious one – but it’s worth reiterating. If you’d need to pay more to fix up your vehicle or replace parts, or get it through its MOT, than its overall value, break out of the cycle of continuously pouring money into the motor – it’s time for scrappage, however fond you are of your wheels.

Talk to us at Remove Any Car

If any of the above applies to your car, get in touch.

At Remove Any Car, we cover huge parts of the north-west of England with our well-established car-scrappage network. Expect free collection and instant, accurate quotes as standard parts of what we do. Not only that, but our service is invariably helpful, friendly and professional. Let us take your wheels off your hands, whatever your vehicle’s make, condition, age and whatever your reason for scrapping it.

It’s all very quick, easy and convenient – why not get the ball rolling today?


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