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Do I need to SORN my car before scrapping it?

People often ask us whether they need to SORN their car ahead of scrapping it – so we attempt to answer that question here.

What is it?

SORN – or Statutory Off-Road Notification – tells the DVLA that you are officially registering a car as being off the road. Obviously, you won’t then be able to drive your motor on a public road. But it does mean that you’re no longer liable for paying vehicle tax.

A SORN is free of charge and pretty easy to sort out. What’s more, it’s something which remains in place indefinitely – or until the motor is sold, scrapped or taken permanently out of the country. You don’t ever need to renew it.

If you’re getting your car back on the road after declaring a SORN, again it’s all pretty simple. You just need to start paying road tax once more.

When do I need to use it?

You’d declare a SORN in the following circumstances:

· If you’re buying a car but not planning to drive it on a public road

· If any sort of delay means the motor will be temporarily uninsured

· If you’re going to salvage parts from the car before scrapping it

Can I legally scrap my car without a SORN?

The short answer is that, yes, you can. Just follow the standard procedure for scrapping your car. That means taking it to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). A Certificate of Destruction will be produced within a week, and the DVLA database will be updated accordingly.

You’ll also need to send off the relevant sections of the car’s logbook, as detailed previously, and tell the DVLA.

What about if my car is already SORNed?

If that is the case, the rules are very slightly different. You can still get the car scrapped. However, to do this, you’ll need to sort out its legal transportation to the scrapyard.

Get the car legally and safely moved – with us at Remove Any Car, the process is free.

All other aspects of the scrapping process remain the same.

And what if I take some parts from my car before scrapping?

If you want to remove some parts from your vehicle ahead of scrapping it, whether that’s for use in fixing up a different car, or to retain especially valuable components you’ve had installed, you’re perfectly entitled to do so.

However, if you’re going to take off any parts pre-scrapping, you must declare the car as SORN to the DVLA in advance. And, again, you’ll need to organise legal and safe transportation to an ATF.

The rest of the car-scrapping process remains unchanged.

Talk to us

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about SORNs. Remember, we at Remove Any Car work across the north-west and can help scrap your vehicle no matter its make, age, condition or the reason you wish to scrap it.

Get an instant quote from us today – and look forward to an excellent customer service plus free collection and pick-up of your wheels as standard.


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