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5 Tips Why You Should Scrap Your Car

1. It’s ugly and obstructive

Now, this might depend on exactly what state of disrepair your car is in, but for most people this will be reason enough! A neglected car rarely looks fantastic, even if it’s not quite the rusting, decaying hulks you might see by some roadsides. It’s about more than aesthetics, though; scrap cars obviously require quite a bit of space to store, whether that’s on your drive or in your garage. If you own another vehicle, or you ever have visitors, it can prove itself quite the obstacle.

2. It drives down local property prices

Nobody likes to see a dirty kitchen when they’re viewing a property for sale, and for the same reasons, nobody likes to see a neglected scrap car either – even if you’re taking it with you when you leave. The key thing to remember is that this could have a negative effect on not just your property, but on your entire local area. That means if any of your neighbours are trying to sell their homes, it could quickly make you highly unpopular, even if you’re planning on staying put.

3. It’s dangerous

This is quite a big one, especially with older cars or ones that have been involved in accidents. Old rusting cars can have seriously sharp edges, with big potential for causing serious injuries. If the injured parties are unlucky enough, these could require stitches or even a tetanus shot. Equally, peeling paint and leaking fluids can pose major health hazards, as these are extremely toxic when uncontrolled. Then there’s the fire hazard posed by leaking oils… really, it’s quite a long list! Not only do these present physical threats, but legal ones as well.

4. It could make you vulnerable to prosecution

Though not a guarantee, leaving your scrap car in a state of disrepair for weeks or months at a time can open you up to Occupier’s Liability, under English Tort Law. Lots of people aren’t particularly well versed in tort law, which is understandable – it’s a civil law, which aren’t quite as clear-cut in the public’s mind as many criminal ones. Basically, Occupier’s Liability rests upon the notion that an ‘occupier’ who invites others onto their private land – or who has trespassers – has a minimum duty of care. Yes, even to trespassers! It might sound ridiculous, but it’s an old law with very clear stipulations. If someone injures themselves on your property, for example by cutting themselves on a rusting scrap car, you could bear the responsibility. Obviously, it’s best not to give them the opportunity.

5. Scrap cars can attract uninvited guests

A scrap car left abandoned long enough, even if it’s right outside your home, can attract all sorts of undesirables. Most of these won’t be human – they can include insects, mice, rats, or stray dogs and cats. If you’re particularly unlucky, your scrap car might be targeted by vandals or thieves looking to snap up some easy pickings with car parts. The consequences aren’t quite as devastating as they’d normally be if you were still regularly using the car, but the fact remains that damaged or missing parts can have a serious impact on the vehicle’s final scrap car price.Even with all these factors in mind, sometimes people can still put off scrapping their car for months at a time, purely because of the sheer amount of hassle that the prospect entails. Happily, that’s where we come in here at Scrap Car Network. We’ve made it as fast, easy and simple as possible to scrap your car. All you have to do is Enter your reg and contact details to an online valuation of your car!


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