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Why scrap your car with Remove Any Car?

Once it’s no longer economically viable to keep a vehicle on the road, scrapping your motor is an option that can bring with it a number of benefits.

These include:

· Getting some extra cash: You will, of course, be paid for the vehicle you give to a scrapyard. Clearly, how much you receive depends on the make and model you are scrapping, as well as its age and condition. But you’re essentially being paid to hand over something you can no longer use anyway!

· Environmentally friendly: Your scrapped motor could be used to make something completely new and different, and its metal will be completely recycled.

· More space: Enjoy having more room in your garage or driveway or on-street space that getting rid of an old car will give you. You may well find yourself wondering how you coped without it!

Why use us?

Once you’ve made that decision to scrap your car, it makes sense to push on with it as quickly as possible.

And if you’re based in the north-west of England, scrapping your wheels through Remove Any Car brings a number of benefits:

1.) We’re local: We love our part of the world, take great pride in it and know it well. We cover huge swathes of our region, including Liverpool, Warrington, Lancaster, Blackburn, Manchester, Cumbria, Preston and the surrounding areas.

2.) We’re quick: At Remove Any Car, everything is as quick and simple as we can make it. Quotes are instantaneous; as soon as you enter your reg, you’ll be given a price for your car. What’s more, when we show up it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes for us to load up your vehicle and be on our way.

3.) We’re convenient: Not only are we local, we can pick up your motor from the place that’s the most convenient for you, whether that’s your home, workplace or anywhere else.

4.) We pay top prices: For a start-off, we never charge a penny to collect your car and take it away. And there are never any hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. What’s more, the price we’ll pay you for your vehicle will be guaranteed to be fair and competitive. You’ll also have the choice of receiving your payment in cash or by bank transfer that’s as speedy as our collection.

5.) Let us help with paperwork: You’ll need to tell the DVLA about the scrapping of your car via the V5c certificate once we’ve taken your motor off your hands. We’ll help you with this so it’s all sorted promptly.

6.) We’re flexible: We offer a 24/7 phone option as an alternative to getting an online quote. We’ve already mentioned the choice you have in terms of receiving payments and choosing the easiest collection point for your car. But we’re also flexible in being able to take away and scrap your car whatever the make and model, whatever condition it’s in and whatever your reason for wanting to scrap it. Finally, we don’t even need the car’s registered keeper to be there when we collect a vehicle – we’re very happy for someone else to be present in your place.

7.) We’re also a specialist salvage buyer: Car not quite ready for the scrap heap? Get in touch. We’re one of the country’s biggest salvage buyers and, again, we’ll give you the best price for your vehicle.

On top of all the above, we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and on being friendly, professional, helpful and reliable, as well as upfront and transparent in our dealings.

Get in touch right now – and find out why we’re one of the north-west’s top scrap car networks.


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