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When should I scrap my car?

You may love your wheels but unfortunately, just like anything else, your motor won’t last forever.

So once your vehicle becomes unsellable, or if for any other reason you’re no longer able to keep it, either due to its age or because it’s just failed its MOT, you have a number of options.

One is, of course, to scrap it, i.e. sell it to a yard or buyer who will depollute it and recycle the materials. It may also be stripped to help mend other cars or, depending on its condition, even be fixed up so that it can take to the road once more.

We’re often asked ‘When should I scrap my car?’ In truth, of course, the answer will be different for every driver and vehicle.

But here are some general pointers and most popular reasons for scrapping a vehicle:

· Repairs are most expensive than the motor

If your car is at the point where your motor is less valuable than the cost of repairing it, it could well be time to consider scrapping it. At least that way you will end up with some money. If it’s a write-off or a sale simply isn’t going to yield enough money, consider going down the salvage route instead.

· You want to lose the car, without the hassle of selling it

Let’s face it, selling a set of wheels can be a time-consuming business. You have to take photos, haggle with prospective purchasers or talk to dealers, valet the car thoroughly and so on. If you don’t have the time or, frankly, energy for any of that, arranging for collection for salvaging is much quicker. It can all be sorted with just a few clicks, and your vehicle can be gone the next day.

· Your motor has parts missing from it

Maybe you have decided to remove some parts in the hope of selling them separately? If so, the shell that remains will be ideal for scrapping. Even if the model is missing just a few parts, it’s more cost-effective and time-efficient to go for this option.

· You no longer need the vehicle

If you don’t need your wheels anymore, either because you have upgraded to a fresh or bigger model, don’t now have room for the vehicle, have moved somewhere with better public transport or have stopped driving for any reason, scrapping your car is a quick and straightforward solution.

But you need to scrap your vehicle through a reputable business. Since 2005, it has been the law that any scrapped vehicle must go to an authorised treatment facility and have a licence from the Environment Agency or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. (It’s also illegal for anyone to pay for a scrap motor in cash.)

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