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What is the average price of scrapping a car?

If your old banger has finally gasped its last and is ready for the great car park in the sky, with the best option for it to be sold for scrap, it’s understandable that you may want to know how much you’re likely to receive for getting rid of it in this way. And it’s often the first question we’re asked, so here we try to answer it. The good news is, your motor could well be worth a lot more than you realised.

As you’d imagine, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Various different factors come into play, including the age, make, model and condition of your vehicle, as well as whether or not the motor is intact when it’s collected. Often, if your car was an expensive one to buy and run, and relatively new, it will yield a higher scrappage value. Where you’re based in the country can also make a difference.

There are other considerations, too, some of which you may not have thought of, including weight, a key determining figure in scrap car value. After all, your payment is for your vehicle’s recycled metals. Bigger, heavier cars will fetch more when scrapped, given that they yield more metal to recycle.

Just like anything else, the worth of these metals shifts all the time according to supply and demand and currency fluctuations. So the market values of recycled aluminium or steel play their part, and this can change from one day to another.

That means that no Authorised Treatment Facility or ATF will advertise a fixed per-ton scrappage price on its website. Direct contact is the best way forward, and, as with anything else, it’s always good to research and compare quotes before you commit. (And insist on a guaranteed price so that nothing gets deducted at a later stage.)

Finally, a local ATF which doesn’t haven’t to travel far to collect your motor will shell out more than one which does.

How much is my scrap car battery worth?

As you would imagine, car batteries are full of noxious substances including up to three litres of acid and various toxins. These are highly hazardous to both human health and the environment. Prices do go up and down, but typically a car battery will only fetch around £5, so think carefully before scrapping it separately, since scrap dealers usually take off money for every missing part of a vehicle.

What about the radiator?

This depends on its age and what it is made of. Older radiators frequently incorporate copper or brass cores, which are more valuable than modern models which tend to use aluminium. Bigger, weightier radiators will be worth more than lighter, smaller ones.

Don’t pay for a new V5

Some less scrupulous dealers may try to take £25 off the price if you don’t have a V5 registration document. But don’t fall for this. Only pay the £25 to apply for a new document via the DVLA. It’s not something you need to scrap you vehicle, although you do need to inform the DVLA that you are doing so.

Current rates

The first lockdown saw scrap car values slide during spring 2020, but they have since recovered to exceed pre-pandemic levels and rose steadily during the first six months of 2021.

Late this summer, the respected industry website Auto Trader reported a 16.7% rise in the price of used cars compared with August 2021. And scrap car values have soared by 54% year-on-year. In fact, throughout this year, the average worth of a scrap car hasn’t dipped below £200 and currently sits at around £250.

With dozens of new plates out in late 2021, many motorists have been looking to scrap their old models. And more cars have been put through an MOT after Covid delays as more drivers need to upgrade their wheels.

What we do

Remove Any Car does what it says on the tin, taking any car for scrap from wherever it’s convenient for you. We operate across the north-west, including in major urban centres like Manchester and Liverpool.

Get an instant quote from us and look forward to free collection and an excellent service. We’ll ask you a few questions about your motor’s condition so the price we give you is as accurate as possible. What’s more, there are no hidden extras. Scrap your car with us today.


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