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Driver attempts 30-mile journey with a shed perched on car roof

A driver who tried to travel 30 miles with a huge wooden structure strapped to the car has been shamed by police on social media.

While many people will hold their hands up to driving around with a bit of flat-pack furniture sticking out of the boot, carrying what appears to be an entire shed is probably pushing it a bit far.

In what is bound to have attracted a few double-takes, this red BMW was spotted by Avon and Somerset Police with the large wooden structure resting on the roof.

Officers were less than impressed by the driver's attempt to mitigate the danger, by travelling at 30mph with hazard lights on.

"Making a 30 mile journey at 30mph, with hazards on to warn people of the danger? - Erm... No!

"You must ensure the vehicle is suitable for the load carried & load is secure."

The images prompted several comments of disbelief.

The force has been contacted for further information about where exactly within the Avon and Somerset policing area the vehicle was pulled over.

Images appear to show the car parked alongside a hedge, between a field and what appears to be an industrial building. Get the full story at here .


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